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The Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (S3A) (dubbed the ‘Science Agenda’) is an African owned and Africa led process of developing a long-term strategic framework that will articulate the Science and Technology Africa needs to prioritise and apply in Agriculture in order to develop. The Agenda will articulate the science, technology, extension, innovations, policy and social learning Africa needs to apply in order to meet its agricultural and overall development goals. It will identify a suite of issues and options for increasing and deepening the contributions of science to agriculture in Africa, at the local, national, regional and Pan African level. It is further expected to provide a basis for the alignment of national, regional and international research providers in coordinating their actions to meet the demands of African agricultural stakeholders.

The Science Agenda constitutes one of the principal thrusts of CAADP’s strategic theme on knowledge and knowledge support in the ‘Sustaining CAADP momentum’ document. The development of the Science Agenda was therefore identified as one of the five work streams of the Dublin Process—a joint initiative of African (ARD), CAADP, the CGIAR Consortium and Development Partners. The Dublin Process therefore seeks to improve alignment of the CGIAR to the CAADP agenda. This is as a result of the realisation that the recently formulated CGIAR research programmes could be focused – at least in Africa – to better respond to ARD needs articulated in CAADP-aligned country and regional agriculture and food security investment plans.

FARA (www.fara-africa.org) is the mandated institution in leading the development and implementation of the Science Agenda. In providing this leadership, the FARA Secretariat is assisted through two instruments: 1) A 12-member Panel (including a 4-member Synthesis Team) responsible for the compilation and peer-reviewing of the Science Agenda document and 2) an ‘Oversight Group (OG): AUC, NPCA, Sub-Regional Organizations (ASARECA, CCARDESA, CORAF/WECARD and NASRO), Regional Economic Communities (ECOWAS, EAC, ECCAS, SADC, COMESA), Education representation (RUFORUM, ANAFE, TEAM-Africa) AFAAS, PAFO, PanAAC, PANGOC, CGIAR Consortium, World Bank and the IFAD (including their respective decentralized local subsidiaries) and

The Science Agenda Road Map

Date Activity Responsibility
31st January, 2013 Finalise TAG meeting reports FARASec and Oversight Group
15th February, 2013 Invite proposed Expert Panel members to join the Panel FARASec
22nd February, 2013 Contact and contract prospective members of the synthesis Team FARASec
22nd , February, 2013 Compile and assemble required documents FARASec
28th February, 2013 Designate FARA staff and Research Assistants from the Forum to support the team FARASec
08 – 12 March, 2013 Convene orientation and planning workshop for the Expert Panel meeting FARASec
13-15 March,2013 Discuss Science Agenda at FARA meeting to validate its strategic and operational plans FARASec
19th March, 2013 Meeting in Rome (IFAD) with Science Agenda Expert Panel Chair/ Champion IFAD, FARASec, World Bank, Co-chair
12-13, April, 2013 Presentation of S3A to AUC/CGIAR consortium in Dublin FARA/EP
14, April, 2013 S3A Discussion Paper Annotated Outline and Chapter Outlines STEP
15th April, 2013 Finalization of Science Agenda methodology STEP
17th, April, 2013 Science Agenda Methodology sent to EP, FARA STEP
April 17-May 10, 2013 Preparation and circulation of Chapter drafts among STEP members STEP
MAY 19th, 2013 Comments submitted to STEP Coordinator EP
May 27, 2013 Science Agenda Expert Panel Chair returns comments to STEP Expert Panel Chair
6th-9th June, 2013 Compilation of Chapters into a Single Discussion Paper EP/STEP
9th June, 2013 Zero Draft of Discussion Paper forwarded to Expert Panel STEP
10th June, 2013 Feedback from Expert Panel at STEP/EP Meeting EP/FARA
24th June, 2013 Draft Discussion Paper completed and submitted to FARA EP
26th June, 2013 FARA translates and distribute Draft Discussion Paper to Oversight Group, Dublin Process SC Development Partners and other stakeholders FARA
26th June-14th July, 2013 Consultations and feedback on Draft Discussion Paper FARA/EP
4th July, 2013 Oversight Group E- meeting OG/FARA
14th July, 2013 Oversight Group Face-to-face meeting OG/FARA
July, 14th, 2013 Preparation of presentations for Africa Agriculture Science Week, Accra EP/STEP
16th July, 2013 Presentations and Discussion at AASW Science Agenda Side Event FARASec, EP
29th July, 2013 E-Consultation methodology sent to STEP FARA
31st July, 2013 Presentation of questions/topics for E-consultation STEP
31st July, 2013 Submission of Final Table of Content for the Issues Paper (IP) STEP
7th August, 2013 Submission of Final Science Agenda Discussion Paper (DP) STEP/EP
12th August, 2013 Submission of final Table of Content of the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa document STEP
19th-30th August, 2013 Moderation of E- consultations FARA
1st Sept -4th Oct., 2013 Commissioned studies FARA
23-27th September, 2013 STEP Drafting Meeting-Nairobi, Kenya STEP
11th-15th October, 2013 S3A Document finalisation Workshop
  • Expert Panel Meeting-11th-13th Oct.2013
  • STEP Meeting-14th -15th Oct. 2013
16th October, 2013 Submission of final Draft Science Agenda Document to FARA EP/STEP
17 October, 2013 Editing, Translation and preparation of Final Science Agenda Document starts FARA
17th -18th October, 2013 CCARDESA Sub-Regional consultative workshop CCARDESA/
28th -30th October, 2013 CORAF/WECARD Sub-Regional consultative workshop CORAF/WECARD/FARA
31st October-1st Nov., 2013 ASARECA Sub-Regional Consultative workshop ASARECA/FARA
10th November, 2013 Submission of the Science Agenda document to the FARA Board FARA
14th -15th November, 2013 Continental Consultative Workshop FARA
16th November, 2013 Oversight Group Meeting OG/FARA
19th November, 2013 Meeting with the Chair and Champion of the Science Agenda Expert Panel in Rome
Dec., 2013-Jan., 2014 Further consultations FARA/OG
February, 2014 Submission of Science Agenda Document to the AUC FARA
February-July, 2014 AUC Processes FARASec/AUC
March, 2014 Presentation of S3A at the CAADP Partnership Platform FARA
March, 2014 Presentations of S3A at the Ministerial Conference FARA
March-July, 2014 Preparatory work on developing the S3A operational Plan FARA
July, 2014 AU summit resolution in support of alignment to Science Agenda AU/FARA/EP

Institutional Arrangements for delivering the Science Agenda for Agriculture in Africa (S3A)

List of Science Agenda Expert Panel (EP) Members

No. Name Role Institution
1 Dr. Kanayo Nwanze Chair and Champion IFAD, Rome, Italy
2 Prof. Geoffrey Mrema Co-Chair Sokoine University of Agriculture, Tanzania
3 Prof. Yusuf Abubakar EP Member (PReTEP) Agricultural Research Council of Nigeria (ARCN), Nigeria
4 Dr. Pierre Fabre EP Member ((PReTEP) CIRAD, France
5 Dr. Lance O’Brien EP Member (PReTEP) The Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland
6 Dr. Siwa Msangi EP Member (PReTEP) IFPRI, USA
7 Prof. Agnes Mwang’ombe EP Member (PReTEP) University of Nairobi, Kenya
8 Ms. Ndèye Coumba Fall EP Member (PReTEP) Foundation Rurale de l’afrique de l’ouest, Senegal
9 Prof. Mandi Rukuni EP Member (STEP) Afrika Barefoot University, Zimbabwe
10 Dr. Yihenew Zewdie EP Member (STEP) AUC, Ethiopia
11 Dr. Gabrielle Persley EP Member (STEP) Global Change Institute, University of Queensland, Australia
12 Dr. Howard Elliot EP Member (STEP) Independent consultant, Canada

EP: Expert Panel, PReTEP: Peer Review Team of the Expert Panel, STEP: Synthesis Team of the Expert Panel

4. FARA Secretariat Team on the Science Agenda

No. Name Responsibility
1 Dr. Yemi Akinbamijo Executive Director, FARA
2 Dr Irene Annor-Frempong Director, Capacity Strengthening and Coordinator for the Science Agenda
3 Dr. Emmanuel Tambi Director- Advocacy and Policy and Member of the Science Agenda coordinating Team
4 Dr. Aggrey Agumya Senior Technical Advisor to Executive Director of FARA and Member of the Science Agenda Coordinating Team
5 Mr. Bernard Agyeman Research Assistant
6 Prof. Walter Alhassan Consultant
7 Ms. Christiana Ayine Secretary- Executive Directors Unit and Secretary for the Science Agenda.
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