Related Work Streams

The Dublin Process was launched during the first Dublin meeting (Dublin I) in June/July 2011. Its steering committee mandated FARA to lead two of the work streams; the development of the Science Agenda and the organisation of regional productivity workshops.

The second meeting (Dublin II) was held in September 2012 to deepen buy-in and ownership of the Dublin Process, to review progress with regard to implementation of the work streams and to define the actions needed to take forward the Dublin Process. One of the recommendations of the Dublin II meeting is the organisation by FARA of a technical workshop to further develop and validate the methodology for developing the Science Agenda.

The other four work streams of the Dublin Process include:

  • Stocktaking and Mapping of planned and on-going agricultural research and development activities as a tool for enhancing their coordination.
  • Organisation of regional agricultural productivity workshops on how the CGIAR capacity can be better harnessed to advance the development of CAADP country investment programmes. A planning meeting has been held and Concept Note for the third productivity meeting has also been developed.
  • Establishing a Memorandum of Understanding between the AUC and the CGIAR Consortium. This was signed in January, 2013; and
  • Development of agricultural technology innovation platforms proposed by the G8 New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.
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